Instant Holiday Gifts

Digital Employee Rewards

Simplify your employee rewards program with personalized e-gift cards, Visa and MasterCard rewards, and e-donations.

Create curated reward selections from 75+ international e-rewards and e-donations.

Holiday Gifts for Customers and Employees - Give recipients a choice
Let recipients choose their gift

Let employees choose the brand or charity they love

Why waste budget on candy and trinkets of questionable value when you can give employees a reward they will truly appreciate?

With Rybbon, you can set up a curated selection of rewards and e-donations and let your employees select their preferred gift or donate to the charity of their choice. Now everyone, from the musician to the athlete, can get exactly what they want!

Make it heartfelt

Rybbon rewards arrive from your company’s trusted email address and are delivered in a beautiful, mobile-friendly format.

You can personalize your reward email with your company’s logo, messaging and imagery. With Rybbon, you can say thank you and really mean it.

Personalize and Customize Gift Email
Instant Global Delivery
Instant, global delivery and tracking

Avoid the stress of ordering deadlines for physical gifts and delivery delays.

Rybbon rewards are delivered by email in a matter of minutes to employees around the world. And Rybbon tracks every reward- when it is delivered and when it is claimed.

With Rybbon taking care of on-time delivery and tracking, you can have the peace of mind that your employees will be delighted with your employee rewards program.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It
“Rybbon is a huge time saver, and more importantly, it makes for an excellent customer experience with immediate reward fulfillment.”
Chris Chariton

Senior Director of Marketing, GTM Payroll

“It looks good, I know it works, and I can focus on my campaigns. Better yet, I don’t have to create landing pages or keep track of gift codes. Everything is built into Rybbon.”
Adam Hutchinson

Marketing Manager, Socedo

Rewarding Employees Is Easy With Rybbon